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Exhibition Update



Maclaurin Summer Exhibition 2015

Once again our summer exhibition which ran from August into September 2015 was a great success.  Visitor numbers were up  and a large number of paintings were sold.

The public has continued to support us for which we are very grateful. 


Maclaurin Exhibition 2016

 The Exhibition is in full swing. It started on Saturday 12 November 2016 and continues until Saturday 24 December 2016.

This will be a good time to get someone a great Christmas present.  Will really be worth a visit.

There is also on view, The President's Prize Painting, where for a modest sum you can have your ticket included in the raffle draw which will take place at the end of the exhibition. Good luck, and a great prize for someone.   


Hospital Exhibition 2016.

Our August till October 16 exhibition has now finished at the hospital.  The public had a wonderful show and  we are sure the new owners of the paintings which were sold  will be enjoying their purchase.  Thanks to all.


Hospital Exhibition 2016-17

Here are the dates for our next exhibition. --Saturday 17 December 2016 until Friday 24 February 2017 so you have another chance to see our work 

 We are having a busy time with all our exhibitions this year and enjoying every minute.  Come and see.






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